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Handbag Cleaning

Say Goodbye to Dirty Purses.

Enjoy FREE door to door pick up and delivery in Greater Vancouver with our professional handbag cleaning services! Quality and convenience – all in one!

Shoewash Supreme is your first local, full service professional handbag cleaning service in Greater Vancouver.

Why Choose Us?

Our specialized team has extensive experience in restoring worn out leather and strives to maintain a gold standard of quality and care for every handbag we service. With our commitment to excellence, we deliver high quality purse cleaning with exceptional service and affordable prices. To learn more, visit our About Us page.

designer purse cleaning

Designer Purse Cleaning

We offer a variety of services from professional shoe cleaning to designer handbags. Keep your designer bags in pristine condition and preserve them for years to come. We understand the value of luxury purses and take the utmost care in restoring them to their former glory. Our team of experts can clean all leather purses, from Louis Vuitton to Hermes.

shoe repairs

Leather Restoration Services

Our leather restoration services are the perfect way to keep your beloved handbags and purses looking their best. Shoewash specializes in cleaning, fixing, and improving the appearance of all types of leather goods, from designer bags to everyday purses. Whether your bag is in need of a simple clean and polish or more extensive purse repair, our luxury fashion experts will be able to help.

colour restoration

Colour Restoration Treatment

Our colour restoration service is designed to bring back the vibrancy and original colour of your designer handbag. Whether your bag has faded from exposure to sunlight or other elements, our team can help. We use only high quality leather dye and techniques to restore the colour of your handbag, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Our Leather Handbag Services Include:

Brand Name Purse Cleaning
Stain Removal
Ink Removal
Purse Repair
Dye Transfer Removal
Colour Change
Colour Match
Zipper Repair
Repair Faded Gold Hardware
Polishing Services
Re Plating Service

Our Process

purse cleaning assessment


Every service starts with a full assessment by one of our professional technicians.

purse cleaning service prep


Our experts prep and pre-condition your handbag to ensure a gentle yet effective deep clean for your purse.

handbag cleaning service scrub


We use deep cleaning methodology to “scrub” your purse down to its core – leaving it sparkling and stain free.

handbag cleaning inspection


Once properly dry, all handbags undergo a final inspection process including conditioning and protective care.

purse cleaning service

What Types of Handbags We Service

Leather Purse Cleaning
Satin Purse Cleaning
Suede Purse Cleaning
Designer Purse Cleaning
Leather Bag Cleaning
Satin Handbag Cleaning
Suede Handbag Cleaning
Fabric Handbag Cleaning
Louis Vuitton Bag Cleaning
Alexander McQueen Bag Cleaning
standard purse cleaning

Standard Clean

Our standard cleaning package offers an external deep clean and conditioning including strap sanitization with a protective spray finish.

supreme purse cleaning

Supreme Clean

Our Supreme Clean includes internal & external deep clean & conditioning with strap sanitization, metal hardware polish & a protective spray finish.

shoewash guarantee
designer handbag cleaning

Vancouver’s Best Purse Cleaning Service

Shoewash Supreme does more than just clean and fix your shoes. We understand that each designer handbag is unique and different care is required for specific materials. We offer professional cleaning services for all luxury handbags from Kate Spade to Christian Dior. Our experts will evaluate the type of fabric your purse is made of and utilize the proper cleaning method to achieve the best results.

We use full deep cleaning methodology to effectively remove built up dirt grime, persistent stains, water marks, ink stains and more. From cleaning dirty bag interiors to removing surface scratches and exterior surface stains, we’ll bring your cherished possessions back to life.

How Does it Work?

Pick Up & Delivery Service

Enjoy free local pick up and delivery in Greater Vancouver. Simply place your order and we’ll take care of the rest! Our team will contact you to confirm pick up and delivery.

Ship Your Shoes From Anywhere in Canada

Do your shoes need some extra care? Ship us your shoes from anywhere in Canada. Just contact us via email or phone to arrange a custom service for your shoes.

purse cleaning

Beat Up Purse? We’ve Got You Covered.

Whether you need a spotless deep clean or a specialty repair for your leather bags, our experts are here for you every step of the way. Stains and scuffs are a thing of the past! For more information, read our FAQs.

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