Louboutin Touch Up


Restore the brilliance of your red bottoms with our Louboutin Touch Up Service. We use only original lacquer paint to bring back the stunning look of your iconic red soles.

Touch up services can take up to 7 – 14 business days for completion.

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Louboutin Touch Up

If you’re a Louboutin fan, you know there’s nothing quite like the classic style and infinitely recognizable colours of the red-bottomed shoes. But as much as we love them, they do go through some wear and tear after a few wears. And sometimes, that renowned red luster can begin to fade.

That’s why we have the perfect solution—our Louboutin Touch Up Service. We use only original lacquer paint so we can restore your Louboutins to their stunning classic look with immediate effect, giving them a new lease on life – perfect for when you want to show off with newfound confidence!

For any Louboutin admirer or fashion connoisseur, don’t let dull soles detract from your signature style – count on us to bring your trusty red bottoms back up to top form. Let us provide expert care for your gorgeous pieces and ensure you always look sharp.

For the best results, we always recommend you starting with one of our shoe cleaning packages.

Sole Repaint

Half Sole Repaint, Full Sole Repaint


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