Deep Undersole Detail

15.00$ CAD

Purchase a Deep Undersole detail to get all that small pebbles, grass, and dirt from the bottom sole. First, we go through it with our metal picks and ensure no little pebbles are left behind. Then, we run it with our dry brush to get most the dirt off. We then clean it with our solution and hard bristle brushes. We dry the shoe, check for any spots requiring touch ups and we go at it again as required. Let us take care of your shoes the way it should be handled. Extend the life of your shoes and keep them clean. This service is included in the Premium or Supreme Shoewash!


Introducing Deep Under Sole Detailing – the perfect way to keep your shoes looking fresh and new all year long! Our trained professionals will quickly and easily remove all the dirt, mud, rocks and debris that have accumulated on your shoes – leaving them looking like they just came out of the store! This service is ideal for those who love to hike, walk or run outdoors – or simply want to prolong the life of their favourite pair of shoes. Don’t let your shoes become an eyesore – sign up for our Under Sole Detailing today!

This service is included in the Premium or Supreme Shoewash!


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