Handbag Stain Protection Treatment


Be proactive and protect your designer handbags from spills, stains, dirt and daily wear and tear. Our Stain Protective Treatment adds a protective barrier to give you piece of mind where ever you go.


Handbag Stain Protection Treatment

Shoewash Supreme’s Handbag Stain Protection Treatment is designed to provide new purse owners with peace of mind.

This service includes a thorough cleaning and the application of a special protective coating that repels water, stains, and dirt.

Benefits of our Stain Protection Treatment
  • Protects against spills, stains, and dirt
  • Prolongs the life of your handbag
  • Saves time and money on frequent cleanings
  • Maintains the appearance of your handbag
  • Provides peace of mind for daily use

Once your handbag has been treated, you can confidently take it on all of life’s adventures without worrying about potential damage or stains.


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