Shoe Restoration Packages


If your shoes need extra attention, you might need more than just a wash!

Our shoe restoration packages are designed to help breathe some life back into your kicks. Whether your shoes need the Supreme treatment or just a standard make over, our experts are here to help!

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The Standard Restoration

The Standard Restoration is Shoewash’s starter package for when you need to bring your old shoes back to life. Including a Supreme Wash, reverse oxidation and crease reductions, making it a perfect solution for when your shoes need some extra love.

This package is ideal for shoes with heavy stains or dirt, yellow soles, and/or creased leather.

What this package includes:

*Please note, if you require paint touch ups – please opt for our Supreme Restoration package.

The Supreme Restoration

The Supreme Restoration is Shoewash’s top tier restoration package including a Supreme Wash, reverse oxidation, crease reductions, and minor paint touch ups.

This package is ideal for shoes with minor cosmetic damage such as deep scuffs and scratches, discoloured areas, and faded paint.

What this package includes:

  • Supreme Wash ($48 Value)
  • Reverse Oxidation / Sole Whitening
  • Crease Reductions
  • Minor Paint Touch Ups

*Please note, extensive paint touch ups such as recolouring the entire shoe will be additional cost.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us any time.

Restoration Packages

Standard Restoration, Supreme Restoration


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